What is Personal Finance Coaching?


what is personal finance coaching?

Personal finance coaching is regular one-on-one sessions designed to "coach" you in how you behave with your personal finances so that you meet your financial goals.

Coaching is different from counseling in that coaches are not the “experts” in the coach-client relationship (though they are specialists in personal finance and money management).  Coaches provide encouragement and monitoring in a process driven by you.

Coaching is not a therapeutic relationship nor is it effective if you are in financial crisis. Coaching is right for you if you are looking for encouragement and support while you are working towards your financial goals and practicing positive financial behaviors.  

Coaching can provide you with a much-needed boost to your self-confidence and self-control along with the flexibility to change strategies as your financial situation changes. 

personal finance coaching...

  • Focuses on improving your long-term financial behaviors

  • Facilitates your ability to set and achieve your financial goals

  • Helps you practice new behaviors and provides monitors of those behaviors over time


  • Achieve your personal finance goals

  • Address your immediate personal finance issues

  • Support specific actions to meet your goals

  • Improve your financial situation

  • Change your financial behaviors

  • Facilitate your decision-making around money

  • Provide you with tools, resources and referrals when needed


  • Creating an alliance between the you and the coach

  • Setting your own financial goals

  • Developing a realistic action plan for what you can achieve

  • Identifying appropriate resources, tools and services for your situation

  • Monitoring your progress

  • Celebrating your success!


Adapted from: Financial Coaching Strategies, University of Wisconsin-Extension