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Kimberly Zimmerman Rand, MSW AFC® CHC® FFC®

Kimberly Zimmerman Rand is Principal at Dragonfly Financial Solutions, a professional services firm that provides personal finance consulting, education and coaching. She is a strategic thinker and problem solver bringing results-oriented design to nonprofits, government agencies and employers looking to strengthen the financial capability of their communities. She is also an excellent facilitator who develops and conducts informative and engaging personal finance training to audiences throughout the country. 

Prior to her consulting work Kimberly held a variety of positions at the International Institute of Boston, including Interim Vice President for Operations, Director of Economic Development, and Coordinator of the Citizenship Center.  She began her career as a trainer in the Microenterprise Division of Jewish Vocational Service in Boston. 

Kimberly’s leadership experience includes serving on the Social Work Grand Challenges Practice Work Group on Financial Capability and Asset Building for the American Academy of Social Work and Social Welfare; the Certification Advisory Council of the Association of Financial Counseling, Planning and Education; and formal and informal mentoring to rising financial capability professionals.

Kimberly has been providing training to consumers and nonprofit professionals for over 20 years on both live and web-based platforms.  Her subject matter includes but is not limited to:  values and goals around money, household cash management, maximizing income, building an emergency savings account, choosing the best bank, paying off debt, building credit, insurance and asset protection, saving for retirement, wills and estate planning, and purchasing a home. 

She also trains nonprofit professionals on how to develop and manage asset building and financial capability initiatives at their own organizations.  Kimberly’s specialty is bringing clarity to complex personal finance topics while working with low-to-moderate income consumers, entry-level workers and foreign-born employees.

Kimberly is an Accredited Financial Counselor®, Certified Housing Counselor®and Financial Fitness Coach®.  She is also a Credit as an Asset Master Trainer.  Kimberly holds a Master of Social Work in Social and Economic Development and Nonprofit Management from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Colby College.