Transform the financial lives of your community.

Transform your own. 



Dragonfly Financial Solutions LLC is your partner in personal finance transformation.

 Dragonfly partners with helping professionals to provide support in moving from scarcity to abundance so that you feel capable and confident to achieve your financial goals.


Professional Services

  • Program Design and Development Consulting for Non-Profits and Government

  • Train-the-Trainer for Financial Capability Professionals

  • Interactive Money Management Workshops for Communities

  • Online Personal Finance Courses for Helping Professionals — Coming Soon!

  • Group Money Coaching for Helping Professionals — Coming Soon!

  • One-on-One Money Coaching for Helping Professionals


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Our Practice

Dragonfly Financial Solutions LLC is based in Boston and offers services throughout the United States.

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For All Levels of Your Organization, From Clients to Employees to Management

Kimberly Zimmerman Rand is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience helping hard-working households live their best financial lives.