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Dragonfly Financial Solutions is your partner in personal finance transformation.

 Dragonfly partners with nonprofits, government agencies and employers to support your community members to live where they feel capable and confident to achieve their financial goals.


Professional Services

  • Financial Capability Program Design for Your Non-Profit, Government Agency or Business
  • Professional Development Train-the-Trainer for Your Staff
  • Personal Finance Workshops for Your Community Members

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Talking About Money Blog

Friends and colleagues know that I love to talk about money.  Participants in my train-the-trainer sessions know that I talk about the books that directly relate to the work that we do -- helping hard-working families to live their best financial lives.  Read the Talking About Money blog to learn about the issues of the day as well as the latest books and research. 

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Our Practice

Dragonfly Financial Solutions is based in Boston and offers services throughout the United States.

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For All Levels of Your Organization, From Clients to Employees to Management

Kimberly Zimmerman Rand is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience helping hard-working households live their best financial lives.