Professional Services






Program Design and Development Consulting for Non-Profits and Government

Customized program design and development services to assist you in creating or expanding financial capability and asset building programs for your community, taking into consideration your clients’ realities, desired outcomes and available resources

Interactive Training for Professionals and Community Members

Tailored training for groups of professionals ranging  from newly-hired front line staff to experienced executive directors on topics that are important to you, like how to talk about money with clients and how to manage a program. Targeted workshop series for hard-working households in your community on topics such as living in accordance with your values, budgeting, smart borrowing and buying a first home.

One-on-One Personal Finance Coaching for Helping Professionals

Specialized one-on-one personal finance coaching for helping professionals like you who have dedicated their careers to making the world a better place. Highly-focused sessions that get to the heart of your relationship with money and build a pathway to your confidence around your double bottom line: taking care of yourself and serving your clients